lape's dev notes

Configure exim4 MTA for smarthost

1 minute read Modified:

Smarthost mail sending via exim4 on a Debian system.

Configure a Debian system to send all mails through a smarthost with SMTP authentication.

Redirect everything to homepage (except single pages)

1 minute read Modified:

Use Apache redirects to send all requests to homepage.

If you want to send all requests to a site to the homepage, use this Apache directive.

Convert website to static files using httrack

1 minute read Modified:

Use the httrack tool to archive a dynamic website.

When a CMS website is no longer updated with content or a campaign has ended, often the pages itself should be archived for reference. But it’s not always possible to update all of the CMS along the way. That’s why it’s convenient to know how to archive a site to static HTML files.

Apache Solr Debian 9

2 minute read Modified:

Installing Apache Solr on Debian 9 (Stretch) for Drupal Search API.
This is based on the howto of River Harbor and (regarding Java) slighty simplified. For using with Search API Solr backends for Drupal 7 or 8 you can install Apache Solr on a Debian 9 (Stretch) server with the following steps: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) First the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has to be installed on the system: apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y apt-get install default-jre-headless It’s possible to install the Java Development Toolkit (JDK) instead, since it also contains the JRE.

Search API Solr Autocomplete

1 minute read Modified:

Configuring autocomplete with Search API and Apache Solr.

There are two ways of using the Apache Solr search server with Drupal. Here I’ll be using Search API together with Search API Solr.